School Nurse Program Faculty Earn Prestigious Honors and Recognition

Dr. Pat Endsley presenting her research at the NASN Conference. Dr. Kathy Hassey receiving the Educator of the Year award. Dr. Jenny Gormley at the National Academy of School Nursing induction ceremony.
Publicado: 11/03/2024

In an exciting wave of achievements and accolades, the School Nurse MEd program faculty is making a significant mark on the field of school nursing. Dr. Patricia Endsley, Program Chair, shared some remarkable news and updates that underscore the program's commitment to excellence and dedication to improving healthcare in educational settings.

1. Featured Interview in ANA Maine Journal

Dr. Patricia Endsley recently took the spotlight as a featured interviewee in the prestigious ANA Maine Journal. This interview reached nurses across the state of Maine, shedding light on the essential role of school nurses and the impact of our School Nurse MEd program. The article showcased Dr. Endsley's expertise in her current role as a high-school nurse in Wells, ME, and also as Program Chair of the School Nurse MEd program at Cambridge College.

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2. Dr. Jenny Gormley Inducted as a Fellow of the National Academy of School Nursing

Dr. Jenny Gormley, a prominent member of our School Nurse faculty, was inducted as a Fellow of the National Academy of School Nursing. This prestigious honor recognizes her outstanding contributions and dedication to the advancement of school nursing. Dr. Gormley's induction reaffirms her commitment to excellence in education and healthcare.

3. Dr. Kathy Hassey Named National Association of School Nurses Educator of the Year

Dr. Kathy Hassey's unwavering commitment to school nursing education has earned her the title of "National Association of School Nurses Educator of the Year." This prestigious award acknowledges Dr. Hassey's remarkable contributions to the field, her dedication to nurturing future school nurses, and her relentless pursuit of excellence in education.

4. Dr. Pat Endsley's Presentation on Rural K-12 Educator Familiarity with School Wellness Policies

Dr. Pat Endsley's work in qualitative research, examining rural K-12 educator familiarity with school wellness policies, was presented at the National Association of School Nurses Conference in Orlando this June. Her research sheds light on crucial issues within the field and demonstrates our faculty's commitment to addressing real-world challenges in school nursing.

These remarkable achievements and contributions by our School Nurse MEd program faculty underscore their dedication to advancing the field of school nursing. Their expertise and recognition continue to enhance the program's reputation and impact, providing students with an unparalleled educational experience.

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