Puerto Rico Campus

The Puerto Rico Campus, in San Patricio Village, is amid the vibrant San Juan Metropolitan Area. It features 11,000 sq ft of modern classrooms for synchronous classes, an info center, conference rooms, and student services for admissions, advising, tutoring, and operations.


Puerto Rico Campus

27 Gonzales Gusti Avenue
Edificio Tres Ríos, San Patricio
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968


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Directions & Parking

Students, employees and visitors have access to free parking, primarily on weekends.

Cambridge College Puerto Rico stands out for its high-caliber graduate programs that are tailored for adult professionals and taught by expert faculty with real-world experience.

Our bilingual programs (on-campus, online and hybrid) facilitate learning while preparing you for bilingual work environments.

What distinguishes Cambridge College Puerto Rico? How do Puerto Ricans and Latinos in the United States benefit?

Cambridge College Puerto Rico distinguishes itself from other graduate higher education institutions in Puerto Rico for several reasons:

  1. Focus on Adult and Professional Students: Cambridge College specializes in meeting the needs of adult students and busy professionals. This involves flexible schedules (weekends and evenings), programs designed for working individuals, and a deep understanding of the family and work responsibilities these students often balance.
  2. Expert Faculty and Professional Connections: The institution boasts an expert faculty body that possesses not only academic knowledge but also practical experience in their fields. This provides students the opportunity to learn from active professionals and establish valuable networking connections.
  3. Multicultural and Multigenerational Environment: The diversity of the student body in terms of culture and age enriches the educational experience. This is particularly relevant in a context like Puerto Rico, where a mix of cultural influences is a fundamental part of everyday life.
  4. Bilingual Programs: Offering bilingual programs is essential in an environment where Spanish and English are equally important. This not only facilitates learning but also prepares students for bilingual work environments.
  5. Modern Facilities and Advanced Technology: The state-of-the-art classrooms and technology for synchronous classes allow for a more interactive and accessible learning experience, especially important for students who may need flexibility in their education.

Puerto Rican and Latino professionals in the United States can benefit from Cambridge College Puerto Rico in several ways:

  • Access to Bilingual Education: For those who prefer to study in a bilingual environment, Cambridge College Puerto Rico offers a unique opportunity to receive education in their native language without sacrificing quality.
  • Connections with the Diaspora: Puerto Ricans and Latinos in the United States can benefit from the networks and connections established in an environment that values and understands their cultural heritage.
  • Preparation for Bicultural Markets: Cambridge College's programs are designed to prepare students not just academically, but also to navigate and thrive in bicultural and bilingual work environments.
  • Flexibility for Busy Professionals: Flexible scheduling options and a focus on adult education make it more feasible for busy professionals to continue their education while maintaining their work and family commitments.

The bilingual and multicultural aspects of the education provided may also enhance graduates' employability in diverse and international settings, both within and outside of Puerto Rico and the United States. Thousands of teachers and counselors, and hundreds of business and educational leaders have been promoted to their positions after completing their degrees at Cambridge College Puerto Rico.

Cambridge College's administrative and academic headquarters are located at our main campus in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.