Grades and Grading Policy

Faculty has discretion over grades. Grades are based on performance in relation to learning outcomes listed on each course syllabus.

Grade Entry

No one other than instructors may enter final grades using the MyCC web portal. If an instructor is unable to enter grades through the portal, he or she is to forward a grade list to the Registrar for entry. In the event that an instructor fails to submit grades to Cambridge College, the Provost may assign the Dean of the school in which the instructor teaches to issue (or change) the missing grades.

General Definitions and Policies

Grade Point Value

Letter GradeGrade Point ValueNumerical Range

Credit (CR) is a grade denoting content competence.

  • Undergraduate programs — equivalent to D or better
  • Graduate and post-graduate programs — equivalent to B or better

No Credit (NC) means that the student has not met expectations and that the academic work will not be counted toward degree requirements. Students who receive a grade of “No Credit” in a required course or seminar are required to repeat the course or seminar. In general, reasons for a grade of “No Credit” include:

  • Lack of class attendance — absent for more than four hours of class time
  • Required work not completed to the instructor’s standards
  • Failing grades on required work

Students incur financial liability for courses attempted whether or not credit is awarded.

No Show (NS) indicates that a student did not attend a class and/or did not formally withdraw from the course. The student remains financially liable for the tuition.

Changes in Grade — Grades (including CR) are considered to be final unless a clerical or procedural error has been made. If there are discrepancies, please contact the instructor and/or the Registrar’s Office.

Undergraduate Grades

Grades of “Credit” or “No Credit” are awarded only for portfolios, challenge exams, standardized exams, seminars, and skill development courses.

Graduate and Post-graduate Grades

Graduate and post-graduate programs award passing grades of B or better. Coursework below B receives a grade of “No Credit”. Grades of “Credit” or “No Credit” may be an option for students in specific courses.

Incompletes (INC)

An incomplete grade (INC) may be granted by an instructor if the student has satisfactorily completed 67% or more of the required work for the course, and the instructor has agreed to consider pending work for submission before the end of the following term. Students have one term after receiving an INC to submit outstanding work. INCs that are not converted to a grade after one term will be converted to a grade of NCI (No Credit Incomplete) or a letter grade, assigned by the instructor, consistent with the work previously submitted for the course. NCI grades are factored into a student's GPA as 0.0.

Note: Granting an incomplete is a privilege afforded to the student, not a right. If an instructor agrees to grant an incomplete, an "Incomplete Course Work Agreement" form, which clearly states the work needed and the timeframe in which it must be delivered must be signed by both the student and the instructor.

Academic Support for Students with Incomplete Grades

At the end of each term, students who have two or more Incomplete grades on their grade report will receive an “academic hold” on their account. Before they can register for the next term, these students must:

  • Meet with their faculty advisor. International students must also meet with the international student advisor
  • Meet with course instructors, complete their coursework satisfactorily, and clear the Incomplete grades

Incomplete Final Project

Graduate (Independent Learning Project/Independent Research Project/Advanced Research Project, Graduate Management Capstone): If students do not complete the final project by the deadline within the term in which they registered for it, a grade of Permanent Incomplete (PIN) is assigned and cannot be changed to a grade thereafter. Students must register for the project completion course for their program (e.g. 801 for ILP/IRP, and 699 for Graduate Management Capstone) in order to complete their project and degree.

Students have up to three years from the expected graduation date (based on entry date and length of program) to complete and have the final project (ILP/IRP/ARP/Graduate Management Capstone) approved. An extension may be granted by the student’s academic dean. If the original faculty advisor is not available, the academic dean will assign another faculty member to supervise the completion of the project.

Undergraduate: If the Capstone is incomplete, students have one term to finish the work and have the Incomplete grade changed to a letter grade. If the Capstone is still incomplete, the student must register in the next term for the Capstone completion course in order to receive a grade. For example, students who get an Incomplete grade in BHS490 and do not finish it in the following term must register for BHS491 in the next term.

Students should be aware that there are fees associated with incomplete final projects.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must make satisfactory academic progress to continue at Cambridge College as well as receive financial aid. Student records are reviewed at the end of each term. (See Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.)