International Students and Immunizations Policy - Registrar's Office

To comply with state law, all new students at Cambridge College locations in Massachusetts are required to be immunized according to the Massachusetts College Immunization Law. Full-time students, full-time international students, and part-time students in health sciences programs are required to submit proof of immunization.

International students at Cambridge College are required to be full-time students in fall and spring terms. They must be in compliance with all Cambridge College immunization requirements when they arrive on campus. International students who fail to present the required information by the end of the first term in which they are enrolled at Cambridge College are out of compliance.

If international students remain out of compliance, they will not receive official transcripts from the Registrar's Office and will be blocked from registering for the next term. U.S. federal regulations require international students to maintain a full-time course of study each academic term. If international students are not registered for the next term, they are in violation of their F-visa status, that may result in the termination of their I-20 "Certificate of Eligibility."

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation:
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Date of Last Revision: February 2012