Students Requesting Disability Accommodations

Cambridge College is committed to providing equal access to all educational opportunities to students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities.

Students who think they may qualify for special accommodations must obtain documentation from a qualified physician or clinician that presents a specific diagnosis of your disability, explains its limiting effects, and makes recommendations for accommodation. Eligibility for accommodations and the accommodations themselves are determined on an individual basis by the Office of Academic and Disability Support Services in order to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Office also ensures that all students are aware of their rights, are knowledgeable of the available services and that faculty are aware of their responsibilities should they have a student with a disability in their classroom.

It is important to provide documentation of your disability as soon as possible as many of the services provided are outside of the College and must be arranged far in advance. Please contact the Office of Academic and Disability Support Services to arrange for an intake meeting and to discuss your needs. The Office can be contacted at or by phone at 617-873-0614.


Students with appropriately documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under this law, students are eligible for accommodations which are deemed reasonable by the College.

Accommodations may consist of the following (this list in not exclusive): sign language interpreters, note takers, assistive technology, tutorial services, priority registration, course modification, parking accommodations and classroom modifications. At your initial intake meeting, we will discuss what accommodations are right for you for the courses you are taking. Students should meet with or contact the Director of Academic and Disability Support Services every term to help set up letters sent to faculty. Accommodations do not automatically transfer from term to term and may be course-specific. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the accommodation process from term to term.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Associate Dean of Students Affairs

Date of original implementation: February 8, 2011

Date of Last Revision: February 8, 2011