Faculty-Related Complaints Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to provide a clear pathway for the review of certain student and alumni complaints against faculty members and other course instructors. This procedure will be used only for complaints against faculty/instructors that are not governed by any other applicable College policy. Examples might include complaints about general professional demeanor and classroom conduct. If a student has a question about the applicable procedure to follow for a particular complaint, s/he should consult with the Dean of Students.


Informal Resolution: Students and alumni are encouraged to attempt first to resolve complaints under this policy informally with the faculty member/instructor. If the attempt for an informal resolution is unsuccessful, the student should attempt a mediation as described in the next step.

Mediation: Only after a student has either given reasonable time for the faculty member/instructor to respond to a request for an informal resolution (no less than five business days) or is not satisfied with the response to the request, may the student move to this step. At this step, if the student is enrolled in a program in Boston, the student must contact the assistant dean or the department chair for the school responsible for the course. If the student is enrolled in a program in one of the College’s regional locations, the student must contact the program coordinator or the site director. The student must include a written description of the situation and attach pertinent documentation, if applicable. After review of the complaint, the assistant dean, department chair, program coordinator, or site director (as applicable) will discuss the option of mediation with the student and the involved faculty member/instructor. If there is no such assistant dean, department chair, program coordinator, or site director, the student may contact the Dean of the School to initiate this process. If all parties involved agree to mediation, the appropriate College employee will appoint a mediator to attempt to resolve the matter. Following any mediation, the mediator will send an email to formally notify the student of the resolution with a copy to the faculty member/instructor and the Dean of the School.

Formal Resolution: If the issue is not resolved through the previous steps, the student may elect to initiate the formal complaint process by completing the Complaint Against Faculty Form and delivering it to the Dean of the school responsible for the course. The Dean (or designee) has 15 business days from receipt of the Form to discuss the situation with the student and the faculty member/instructor, and, if necessary, assistant dean, department chair, program coordinator, site director, or other necessary witnesses, and submit a written decision. The Dean (or designee) may convene a faculty panel to advise the Dean on the proper course of action.

The Dean will inform the student in writing of the resolution or decision with a copy to the faculty member/instructor. The Dean’s decision at this stage is final and binding on the student. If the instructor does not agree with the decision, he/she shall appeal directly within 5 calendar days of the written notification from the dean to the Provost who will examine the documentation, interview the instructor, render a decision and notify the instructor and student.

Complaint Against Faculty Form